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Pennywinks - The Witches Lair Puzzle 1000 piece

  • HIGH QUALITY JIGSAW - this 1000 piece artistic jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids is premium quality. Made from superior, thick cardboard with a precision cut. Leading to the ultimate click satisfaction with every puzzle piece.
  • FUN AND UNIQUE - our unusual, fantasy jigsaw puzzle artwork is crafted specially for puzzling. Atmospheric, cosy and fun. This Witches / Halloween themed puzzle is crammed with witchcraft - witches, cauldrons, hex signs, charms, brooms and other strange creatures. There’s a witchy treat to be found in each one of the thousand pieces.
  • LARGE - 75 x 52 cm completed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle size is larger than average. This means each jigsaw puzzle piece is the perfect size to see every bit of wicca detail in the artwork.
  • POSTER INSIDE - each one of our jigsaw puzzles includes a poster of the puzzle artwork. You don’t have to fight over the box image when puzzling with loved ones.
  • STORY WITH EVERY JIGSAW - learn who the Pennywinks is and about the place he has traveled to. Every jigsaw puzzle contains the mischievous, portal travelling Pennywinks somewhere within the puzzle. Escape into another world as you discover the story that you are puzzling together. Fun for all the family.
  • VIVID - printed on prime paper with anti-glare allowing the puzzler to appreciate the beautiful artistic details within each of the 1000 pieces.
  • BEAUTIFUL BOX - our box is designed to be snug and compact. It perfectly fits the 1000 piece large jigsaw without wasting any space. On the box you’ll not only see the jigsaw design but also The Pennywinks and learn of his whereabouts.
  • LARGE, THICK PUZZLE PIECES- Yummy prime cuts of the highest quality cardboard. Puzzle pieces are large and thick in this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.


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